Newsletter Malaika - December 2020

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Dear Utente,

Christmas is coming. It's less than ten days away.
This time of the year marks the end of the holidays for the children at Malaika. They are getting ready for a new school year, which begins in early January. 
In 2006 the average age of the children was two years, but in 2021 twelve children will go to high school, thirteen to primary school and three to kindergarten. School enrollments have therefore become a priority for the Malaika association. Support their education:

  Donate to the Project  

Traditionally in Europe, this is the time to search the perfect gift. This year many things will not be as usual, but it can be an opportunity to do something new, and choose an unsual gift. If you’re still undecided or need a last-minute inspiration, we have an idea for you.

See you soon,
Malaika's Team

Happy Holidays_malaika

For an unusual Christmas, you need an unusual gift. So why not make a donation as a gift?
It’s convenient and safe: convenient because you don’t need couriers to send it, you just need an email; safe because with this gift you never get it wrong.

By December 21th you can donate the amount you want and request a personalized card you can print or send digitally. You can donate directly to the project page "Malaika Guardians", or via Paypal, credit card. Write us a to receive your personalized card.


You can support the Children at Malaika in many ways:

Donors in Europe 
Monthly donations can be made through wired transfers
IBAN – IT 57 C 030 6909 6061 0000 0063 382

You can also donate with PayPal or credit
(all donations are tax deductible )

Donors in USA, UK and all the world:
We are happy to partner with Global Giving, which allows our supporters to make monthly donations or one off, tax deductible according to the US law.
Our UK supporters can improve their gifts to Malaika with Gift Aid. Learn more

Malaika Malaika Children's Friends
Corso Magenta 56 – 20123 Milano
Tel. +39 02 48102140
VAT: 97606510150
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