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Dear Utente,

I hope you are well in this difficult time around the world because of the pandemic: luckily we are all in good health here and hope to continue this way.

There is a new President in Tanzania, after the sad loss of the former President Magufuli in March, and she is a woman: Samia Suluhu Hassan. She was already acting as Vice President of the late President.
We welcome her with great hope, especially since she has declared itself open to the issues dear to us of the care of children by NGOs operating in Tanzania such as Malaika.

A lifetime in Malaika flows quiet, with young children growing up quickly and two of the older girls who have already turned 18 years! As they wish to continue their studies, we will continue to support them, even if they are already of legal age, to finish high school and then decide on their future.
It seems impossible that time has passed so quickly.

We hope that the pandemic situation will improve soon, and life and travel will resume as before. So  Francesco from Italy (co-director of Malaika), Jutta R. from Germany (Malaika Kids), Mama Sue from Australia, and the other supporters and visitors will be back to Malaika.

I wish you all a good continuation, and thank you for reading our newsletter.

Jutta -
Founder and Director of Malaika Children’s Friends NGO


The Easter holidays are one of the special moments during which the house is most populated. There are all, from young children to teenagers. The boys return from the boarding school where they live permanently, and the children can finally enjoy resting and playing at home. During the school period during the week, they take the school bus at 6 am and return home at 6 pm.
It's time for games and dances all together and exchanges of jokes and confidences between the great ones. The aunts of the staff, who have accompanied children and young people for a long time in their growth, find them changed: taller, more mature, sometimes even wilder, as the age of adolescence predicts in all countries of the world.

From mid-April to June, school  is reopened for everyone. We are pleased to be able to offer all the children and boys of Malaika a good school and proud that everyone of them has been able to pass the entrance exam in high school successfully.

In a country where only 25% of children attend high school, having 100% of our students attend high school with a good profit seems to us an outstanding result. We hope that they will continue to study profitably for themselves and their country.

We take this opportunity to thank all the families and companies that support us in the effort to cover school fees: without you, we would not achieve these successes.

We recall the possibility of remembering a deceased loved one with a scholarship in his/her memory, or to establish a company scholarship. By helping Malaika, you honor the name of a loved one or the name your company.


It was not easy in this time of pandemic to visit the families of children and young people reunited with their relatives, even far away. It was also difficult to visit them in schools, often far away or located in places difficult to reach. We have planned to purchase a new vehicle to quickly arrive in inaccessible places and allow constant contact with the  kids and their families.
However, we have been able to keep in touch with them, although less frequently than we would have liked because of the objective difficulties of moving.

In the picture, you see two girls who reunited with their families a few years ago. Still, we continue to follow because the progress made in Malaika should not be lost: we find them with the veil, already girls, happy to see Jutta and talk via videocall with Francesco in Italy.

The Easter period in Italy was an opportunity to organize the fundraising campaign with traditional Italian cakes and a special picnic pack with salami and cheese.
A special thank goes to all the volunteers involved and to all the supporters who have contributed. This type of fundraising was crucial in a year like 2020. 

We can organize next Christmas campaign also in other countries (as already done in Barcelona and Prague): we “just” need a group of supporters ready to receive the cakes one month before Christmas and distribute them among family and friends :-) 
Please contact info@malaika-childrenfriends if you are interested.


US supporters. We are delighted to have Global Giving as a partner, which allows our supporters to make regular or one-time tax-deductible donations under US law. 

Our UK supporters can upgrade their gifts to Malaika by 25% with Gift Aid. 

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Thank you for all your support and love.
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